“Chagall in Parco Dora” workshops – performance

The sound of water and the breaths were interspersed with color in drawing the melody

Chagall in Parco Dora is a performance and a photographic and video installation, born from a dance and sound experiment in relation to the urban landscape of the Parco Dora in Turin and inspired by the work of Chagall Il Circo Blu.

A group of people studying dance with Serena Zanconato, in June 2013, chose to be inspired by the art of Chagall to paint the Turin Park with movement.
The improvisations and choreographies acted in the areas of the park that see the presence of water: the former cooling tanks and the embankment along the Dora.

The sound of water, long or short breaths depending on the movement and its intensity, were interspersed with color in drawing the melody, a bit like a painter does. The cameras and videos played with the dancers, recalling the interactions between the protagonists of the Blue Circus.



Photographic installation: Izabela Smela, Sonia Camerlo Lilithstasopra
Videomapping: Rajan Craveri, micron
Sound system: Eniac
Choreography and improvisational methods: Serena Zanconato, micron
Improvisations and dance compositions:
Elena Arato, Valentina Balma Mion, Noemi Binda, Fabrizia Brandoni, Silvia Cavallero, Hélène Monjarret, Elena Olivero, Margherita Redavid, Sonia Zanforlin