“Tempi” workshops – performance

In search of a microcosm of gestures

In search of a spherical time.
In search of a microcosm of gestures.
In search of a time that is one with the movement.

“It’s a kind of movement that has its own time, it takes its time […] You have to let go and let the body take care of it […] The dance comes towards you and you come to dance at the same time ”
Trisha Brown

In our workshops, We explored the time of the snow enchanted by the images of Andrei Tarkovskij’s film “Nostalghia” in which a man sits under the snow with a large dog, surrounded by nature and ancient walls.
The time of the snow has brought us to quiet, to wild play, to cover ourselves and transform ourselves with clothes.
We have immersed ourselves in a time of awe and wonder.
For those who want to collaborate in the enchantment of the snow, we invite you to bring and place a white or blue flower on the edge of the danced space,

This is the performance after a long cycle of workshops.



Coreography from the Cycle of workshops : Serena Zanconato
Dance: Silvia Cavallero, Cristina Gasca, Caterina Giovannetti, Hélène Monjarret, Sabrina Oggero Viale, Margherita Redavid, Daniela Sabatini, Izabela Smela, Rossella Veronese, Micaela Veronesi.
Thanks to Maria Amendola, Fabio Battistetti e a Rajan Craveri
in collaboration with con Multikulti e Hafaesprit

Performnce in Galleria Emanuele Filiberto, in Turin

Thanks, in order from the gallerie, to Emanuele Pensavalle, Barbara Rinaudo and Dario Ciscato for the pictures of the performance