“Swarm” workshops – performance

dancing improvisation, inspired by the lightness and courage of the swarms of bees

Our dance seeks
the union, the affinities between the performers as in a swarm,
the glimpse of emotions from the faces,
the desire to feel as one between body, mind and action, in moments of bliss,
nature as a refuge and keeper of our secrets.

Swarming is the final performance of a cycle of seminars that began in 2018.
We took inspiration for our gestures from film sources such as “In the mood for love” by Wong Kar Way and “Viaggio a Tokyo” by Ozu.
The seminars saw the participation of people of different ages, experiences and backgrounds, in an accurate and courageous teamwork.



coreography by Serena Zanconato,
in collaboration with Housing Giulia and PAV,
living art museum

We have danced immersing ourselves in the fascinating external architecture of Housing Giulia and in the charming frame of PAV living art museum in Turin during Zonarte LIVE@PAV

Dancers:Silvia Cavallero, Caterina Giovannetti, Cristina Gasca, Hélène Monjarret, Eleonora Natilii, Giorgia Pellegrino, Margherita Redavid, Daniela Sabatini, Massimo Sarappa, Izabela Smela, Micaela Veronesi, Carmelita Villani

Regia: Rajan Craveri

Special thanks to Cristiana Candellero and Coorpi, Elisabetta Stellabotte, Caterina Giovannetti, Micaela Veronesi, Izabela Smela, Daniela Sabatini, Massimo Sarappa, Hélène Mojarret, Eleonora Natilii, Carmelita Villani.

Photos: Renato Ghiazza