We seek the strength and delicacy of the swallows.

We seek the strength and delicacy of the swallows, their courage to face great distances and changes in the uncertainty of what awaits
We seek their lightness in living by weighing very little about the nature, only the weight of a nest.
Live music lives together with the bodies and their dynamics.
The Body-dance and interactive technology combine to jump and fly, composing great motion pictures.



The dance of swallows is a continuous closing and opening, a curling up in our own nest, to launch ourself in an energetic and unleashed movements . A deep listening on the body details to get strong and free dynamics.
Bodies together help themselves to fly faster and higher, in synergy. The two performers playing with choreography and dialogues of improvisation. Dance draws through interactive technologies, which become a third performer, made of colored wires, music and swallows.



To allow interaction between the performers and the video projection we use an articulated patch called SUMI which we made in MAX MSP JITTER. This software contains within 3 sub-patch
FLOW – It real-time processes the image obtained from the camcorder and leave a colored trace of light movements.
FROX – It’s inspired to a sketch of Processing, this patch gets real-time coordinates of light and draws points at, if new points are close to the old points Frox creates link lines, in this way we obtain a nest of colored branches.
SWALLOW – Gets the coordinates of the dancer and uses them to synchronize a flock of bright birds flying with her.



The soundtrack of the performance is divided into several phases, consisting of music, ranging from classical music to electronic music, and sound created by an improvisation in real time with a synthesizer and a drum machine.
The dynamics of improvisation sound follow the movements of the dancers’ bodies and the melodies of songs.


Choreography: Serena Zanconato
Interaction design: Rajan Craveri
Music and sound: Marco Scevola
Costumes: Osvaldo Montalbano
With the support of:
TIR danza Modena, Multikulti le vie del corpo Torino
Thanks to: Anna Tomba, Jon, Ariele
Photos: Mariano Dallago
Project carried out under the call “Youth explosive”