Points lines surfaces

The body and its dynamics are enveloped by abstract projections

Four artistic sensibilities unified in a performance inspired by Kandinskij, in a new exchange between different spheres of creation.
The choreographic experimentation of Serenza Zanconato, the research of Rajan Craveri in a field of visual generation in real time, the saxophone soprano, noise and glitch electronic textures of Ozmotic and – the modular sculpture of Miriam del Seppia meet themselves in the performance space in an unique work.
In the beginning the dancer seeks transparency, explores space with slow and conteined movements as points looking for their directions.
She tries to merge with the space and with the  time, lets emerging lines , touching
and enveloping surfaces , until she acceptes the color and to let move herself by its intense and bright  rhythms.
The body and its dynamics are enveloped by abstract projections that slowly transform the performance area.
The music suggests rhythm and the time for compositions; it dialogues with the light generating rarefied moments and electric instants.
The emptyness and the full find their matter in the patterns of the scenography: a stylized landscape inhabited by sounds, glares and gests.


Curated by
choreography and dance: Serena Zanconato
live visual: Rajan Craveri
sculpture: Miriam Del Seppia
live music: Ozmotic
costums: Osvaldo Montalbano
organization: Izabela Smela, Hélène Monjarret

Residency at Multikulti, , Officine Caos, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo presso Lavanderia a Vapore.
Many thanks to Chiara Castellazzi, Gabriele Boccaccini, Dafne Carli, Cristiana Candellero, Guendalina Tondo, Ariella Vidach.

Photos  by Francesca Ferrari