"Galleggiami" takes inspiration and suggestion from the short story "Pirra e Deucalione" of Ovidio.

By micron and Teri Jeanette Weikel

“Galleggiami” takes inspiration and suggestion from the short story “Pirra e Deucalione” of Ovidio, Greek variant of the universal flood myth, but here you do not tell the story of an elderly couple to whom the gods allowed to save themself, but a state mood of constant change, a reawakening, of a deep sleep and water, element without which you can not survive.
The images, projected above the seabed, are made in real time, they arise from physical contact with the water and with some natural elements.

She and Him are two primordial and contemporary beings. They need each other to achieve their intent to walk together, to support them self. They are here to convey knowledge to others, their imaginary children.
Their dance is proven and tired but full of tenderness, it is made of subtle emotional support and irony. Dance with their angular and round bodies in an exchange of weights and precarious balance, but also fluids and light.
Galleggiami is a ceaseless flow of energy and life force which manifests itself in the gestures and actions with opposite and complementary expressions.


Drama Artists Association in collaboration with Micron cultural association
Interactive project between choreography and images

Choreography: Teri Jeanette Weikel
Dancers: Serena Zanconato and Rajan Craven
visual project by Rajan Craven
Galleggiami was produced during residencies at Multikulti (Torino), al Teatro di via Buon Pastore di Modena ( “The Fires of Race”, Drama Artists, Modena), Duncan Centre Conservatory (Prague).