Lucille is a small light overlooking the dark

Lucille is a small light overlooking the dark, looking for suspension and lightness.
It recalls ancient gestures such as the ascension of the Magdalene by Lanfranco and the abandonment of the Amorino by Caravaggio.
She is dressed in subtle structures of light, lively and reactive projections that focus on the body and its movements.
Lucille seeks a painting of the scene between shadows and lights, between weight and lightness.



Direction e visual: Rajan Craveri iCoreography and dance: Serena Zanconato
Music: Ozmotic
Stylist Osvaldo Montalbeno
Comunication: Hélène Monjarret, Izabela Smela
In collaboration with Multikulti
Residency in theatre con Stalker Teatro / officine CAOS
Thanks to Alessandra Cella and Rajan Craveri for the images