Choreographer and dancer

Serena Zanconato

Serena Zanconato is a dancer, choreographer, and contemporary dance teacher. She trained at the Atelier of Dance Theatre of the Paolo Grassi Civic School in Milan with teachers such as Susanne Linke, Rehinild Hofmann, Luciana Melis, Ariella Vidach, Susanna Beltrami, Maria Consagra and many others. She graduated in Communication Sciences in Bologna with an interdisciplinary path between Philosophy and Visual and Performing Arts. In Bologna, she also followed the choreographic teachings of Nicoletta Cabassi.

She deepened her dance studies in New York at the Merce Cunningham Studio, Trisha Brown Studio, DNA and Movement Research.

In 2006, with visual artist Rajan Craveri, Serena founded Micron, an artistic project between dance and visual arts.
With Micron, she presented performances in many festivals, like “Nuovi Arrivi” at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin, “Più che danza” and “Video Sound Art” in Milan, “Robot Festival” in Bologna and many others. In Micron’s works, she has collaborated with several musicians and composers, such as Ozmotic and Alberto Barberis.

She also carried out several artistic residencies to realise her works with Micron. For instance, she was at the Duncan Center in Prague, where she collaborated with the choreographer Teri Jeanette Weikel, at the Tir Danza in Modena and the Officine Caos in Turin.

Today, Serena nourishes and develops a new project of teaching contemporary dance online to share the poetics of simplicity with people from different parts of the world.

She lives in the woods and has given birth to two girls, who teach her daily to acknowledge the wealth of small things and see life from new perspectives.

Her research moves in searching for a clear flow of movement and profound elegance that, rooted in every gesture, brings us closer to the beauty of nature


She has been teaching contemporary dance and movement research for over fifteen years. Her classes address people who love dance, performers, and dancers. She works on the essentiality of gestures and dynamics and on a strong and gentle body at the same time.

She holds dance workshops in natural places, convinced that dancing outdoors can be an experience of great poetry.
She led workshops aimed at performing in evocative places such as the PAV museum of living art and Housing Giulia in Turin.


Choreography and dance: Serena Zanconato
Video Rajan Craveri
Music (extract from Oratorio Virtuale) – Alberto Barberis

Digital art dance

For years, with Rajan Craveri, she devoted herself to creating works of video dance and digital art related to natural and architectural contexts.

Among her works of video dance, there are:

My lines

Finalist in the competition “The dance in one minute”

Choreography for an impossible place

one of the winners of the call “Campo Largo”, which was selected for different countries’ festivals


Illustrated by Beppe Giacobbe and exhibited at the Museum of Science in Milan

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