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why dance through the net

On the most challenging days, when everything seems to run too fast, all the commitments are pressing, and I feel that I can’t make it anymore, what I really want is to stop time, even for an hour, to practice dance at home or outside in the open air, calmly, in peace.

The care of movement silences my mind, my feet feel the support on the ground, emotions flow, and the art of dance brings me back to the beauty and strength of life.

I think that contemporary dance is a world of boundless research,
in which it is not easy to find your own references

Especially it is not easy to find these references around us, at our fingertips.

During my years of training, I met very different aesthetics and languages from European, Japanese and American schools. Thanks to these studies, at some point, I fell so in love with some choreographers to fly to New York to study with them, and it was an unforgettable experience. 

Back in Italy, I continued my research and practice with good teachers. However, I desired to continue studying with those far-away dancers because I was looking for their qualities of movement, their work on space and their artistic research.

During the pandemic, I began studying online, just with those teachers I missed so much and with new dancers. These video lessons have re-connected me with values very dear to me. Still, they have also allowed me great flexibility, constancy and assiduity in studying.

It was and still is a great opportunity that has become an integral part of my life and that I would like to share.

The study of dance gives us even more inspiration and beauty when it has those characteristics that are the proper nourishment for us

In everyday life, it can be hard to participate in live dance classes with the frequency you would like to maintain.

Therefore, combining live practice in a dance space with online video lessons can be helpful. Through video lessons, you can repeat your class whenever you want, even several times a day, repeating the exercises you want to deepen, in a calm and intimate atmosphere.

my dance classes on line

Today with great emotion and pleasure, I’m preparing online video classes of contemporary dance

In these lessons, I gather my experience and research aimed at nurturing the clarity of gestures and dynamics, the loving and patient care of details and essentiality, bearer of elegance.

Dancing Ikebana

My lessons want to be Ikebana in the form of dance. They are inspired by Japanese compositions made up of a few flowers carefully chosen and artfully arranged to shine in their simplicity and beauty and make their strengths imperfections and uniqueness.

my experiences in dance

I’ve been dancing my whole life because dance practice has always been a daily source of life force for me

I’ve been dancing since I was very young and danced in total freedom

I loved my years of study at the Paolo Grassi Academy in Milan, with masters of German dance theater, such as Susanne Linke and Rehinild Hofmann, with masters from New York schools, such as Ariella Vidach and Susanna Beltrami, with Kuniaki Ida of the Lecoq school  and from traditional Japanese theatre schools, with Maria Consagra for the Laban method and with Luciana Melis for improvisation and composition.

I studied extensively in New York at Trisha Brown Studio, Merce Cunningham Studio and Movement Research.

I have been dancing since 2000 in shows and performances. Since 2005, I have realised my performances in theatres, museums, art galleries, and natural settings. 

Since 2014, I have been working with Rajan Craveri and with several musicians to create video works of dance and digital visual art, some of which have been projected on great monuments and in international festivals. 

I’ve been teaching contemporary dance for 16 years

The teaching allowed me to meet over 500 students of different ages and backgrounds, learn daily something from them, and admire the body poetry that changes for each of us.

I graduated in Communication Sciences with an interdisciplinary path between Philosophy and the University Course in Arts, Music and Entertainment.
This path has been crucial to me to understand that studying what you love is essential. But moreover, it is necessary to deepen it with a passion beyond academic teaching and the most prominent authors, search in the niches of research and explore without fear, following our deeper inclinations.

The contemporary dance practices that I propose help to leave the unnecessary, the excess of effort and expressiveness, they nourishes a gentle and a poetic relationship with the body. 

ways of flowering

Contepomrary dance classes on line

In my video classes you can find two tipes of content

Techniques and practices



Techiniques and practices of contemporary dance

These exercises are inspired by a poetic that bases its roots on the search for simplicity and elegance

In these lessons, we study contemporary dance practices looking for essentiality in forms and dynamics in a lively dialogue with rhythm and space. The attention to the breath helps to bring out the charm of what is invisible and flows through the dancing drawing.

You go through exercises on the ground, exercises in the center and diagonals, adaptable to the available space. 

During the study, in the choice of a few cured signs, in the fluidity of gestures, in the clarity of the directions and in the use of weight, we can better know the body and ourselves, transforming the uniqueness of our characteristics in beauty and art. 

This work is aimed at those who love dance, those who love to work on the quality of movement and details, performers, singers, musicians, dancers and choreographers. The practices want to make more and more spaces of inspiration and beauty flourish in students, to bring poetry to every gesture in art and daily life.


30 min

These lessons last about 30 minutes, so the students can repeat and deepen their chosen exercises. The lessons do not include a final choreography: the latter is, in fact, proposed in the videos Choreographies.
It’s interesting to combine the two types of work, even choosing them from time to time. You can repeat  several times, for example, the same choreography, after different classes.



These videos are short choreographies of contemporary dance.
They are explained and performed in detail.

The proposed scores are inspired by the Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers. In particular, the choreographies are based on some aesthetic principles of this discipline, such as the essentiality bearer of elegance.

Our dance will be guided by

  • The love for simplicity: in synthesizing movement, it is essential to give value to every single sign that must be cured and rich in nuances.
  •  The uniqueness of imperfection: imperfections constitute immense treasures during choreographic composition, unique characteristics from which art is born.
  • The void: appreciating the beauty of the void in the pauses of the gestures represents a precious source of suggestions and stimuli, allowing us to gather nourishment for the dynamics that follow and for the previous ones.
  • The rhythm: the timing of these scores is suggested by the rhythms of nature, such as the time of flowering, the sudden time of a wild animal appearing, a bird or a butterfly; rhythm is therefore also experienced as an element of surprise, in the unfolding of the danced drawing can emerge in the form of an unexpected counter-time, a jump, a breaking gesture, a suspension, a waiting.

15 min

 These videos of about 15 minutes long, designed for the pleasure of dancing and tasting a poetic score. They can be also a source of inspiration for dancers, performers, singers, and musicians, educators, teachers, who make corporeity an artistic vehicle.


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An experience planned in details


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