Contemporary dance

Danza contemporanea


ways of flowering

Contemporary dance and choreographic research

Every workshop consists of two parts. The first one is dedicated to techniques and practices of contemporary dance, the second gives space to the choreographic research.

Practices and techniques

The contemporary dance practices that I propose want to nurture a gentle and poetic relationship with the body.
They help to leave the unnecessary, the excess of effort and expressiveness.They are designed to give space to simple beauty and deep elegance, that comes from the sense of rooting and the cleanliness of the gesture.

They are a path to discover the essence of your movement, without vanity, with precision and care. During the study, in the choice of a few cured signs, in the fluidity of gestures, in the clarity of the directions and in the use of weight, we can better know the body and ourselves, transforming the uniqueness of our characteristics in beauty and art.

We start from the work on the floor that takes place with care and calm, and then we explore the verticality and dynamics that are most widely expressed in space. 

The attention to the breath accompanies all the work, to keep the dance bright and alive.

Choreographic research

The choreographic work and the improvisations are inspired by the Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, in particular by some aesthetic principles of this discipline, such as the essentiality..

Our dance will be guided by

  • The love for simplicity: in synthesizing movement, it is essential to give value to a few signs rich in nuances.
  •  The uniqueness of imperfection: imperfections constitute immense treasures, unique characteristics from which art is born.
  • The void: appreciating the beauty of the void in the pauses of the gestures represents a precious source of suggestions and stimuli.
  • The rhythm:the timing of these scores is suggested by the rhythms of nature, such as the time of flowering, the sudden time of a wild animal appearing, a bird or a butterfly.

This work is aimed at those who love dance, those who love to work on the quality of movement and details, performers, singers, musicians, dancers and choreographers, educators and teachers.

The practices want to make more and more spaces of inspiration and beauty flourish in students, to bring poetry to every gesture in art and daily life.



  • WHEN
    21 May, 18 June, 16 July 2023
    In Multikulti space, via della Basilica 3, Turin

Organized by Multikulti in collaboration with micron

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Past workshops

Choreographic Ikebana

Choreographic Ikebana

We improvise our dance inspired by the Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers.
Saturday classes

Saturday classes

A cycle of contemporary dance seminars, which I chose to hold on Saturday morning in Turin, when the city has quieter rhythms and you do not have to run.


To be a painter through movements that draw space or to be in the space of a painting, by dancing.