micron is an art project

From dance to digital visual art

Micron is an artistic project that moves between contemporary dance and digital visual art. Born in 2006 from the encounter between the dancer and choreographer Serena Zanconato and the digital visual artist Rajan Craveri at the Accademia D’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan. After a period of study and experimentation in New York, Rajan and Serena began their artistic production in the city of Turin.

For over 15 years Micron has been creating performances and works of video-dance, setting them both in indoor spaces, such as theaters, museums, art galleries and historical architecture, as well as in the natural and urban landscape. Micron also conducts training courses through dance workshops and movement research, some of which aimed at the realization of performance. It organizes workshops dedicated to the application of interactive technologies to art, gathering interest and participation at international level.

Micron loves the wonder that is revealed thanks to the attention to detail, Micron is fascination for microworlds and for precious details

Serena and Rajan live in a house immersed in the woods of the Alps: in the care of the forest, the vegetable garden and the bees, they observe the generous beauty of nature to be able to share it through their art.

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Ikebana coreografici

Workshops on movement research inspired by the Ikebana’s art Parco Dora, Torino

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