May 30, 2023

Delicacy, dancing with camera and nature

Working on a delcate presence of the camera

We share with pleasure our research, which continues and in this case focuses on the relationship between the movements of the video camera, dance and the surrounding nature.
We love working on a delicate presence of the camera.
In the past years we shot our videos mainly in a fixed camera, seeing the shots as paintings, moved by a great passion for directors who work in a fixed camera like Ozu, the author of masterpieces as “Tokyo Story” and “Late Spring”.
We are studying, taking notes, trying to examine other works of video dance lately to find our way of dancing with camera along with the choreography.

We will continue to share our steps in the movement search between dance and video camera.

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This choreography is one of our educational proposals on Patreon and during our workshops in presence, about contemporary dance and choreographic research.

Video Rajan Craveri
Music Yehekel Raz – Ten lost years
Choreoghy and dance Serena Zanconato