May 23, 2023

Secrets confided at the lake – video

When I take care of dance, dance takes care of me

How can I take care of my dance?
I asked to myself and I’ve been asked this question many times.
Over the years I have understood that to take care of dance, I should take care of every daily movement and gesture, bringing attention and breath in lifting a plate, putting my feet on the ground, preparing the ground to put a new plant in the vegetable garden.
I realized that if I take care of actions like these, dance can really shine, and It can take care of me.
It is not a simple practice, but it is beautiful and makes life more beautiful.
Observing very carefully, in his videos, the movements of Thic Nath Hanh, the wonderful monk who founded Plume Village, I noticed that his actions shine with the beauty of calm, body awareness and breath; his walking, his turning, his gestures are pure dance.