May 16, 2023

Water flying on rocks – video

Fluid movements, some inspirations for your dance improvisation

One of the protagonists of Miyazaki is Kohaku, the spirit of the river, a magical and wonderful spirit. Every time I come to this mountain river near home I think of Kohaku and his fluid movements and his flights.
In my contemporary dance workshops in presence and in my classes online I often take inspiration from Miyazaki’s art, because with his imagination he opens new possibilities to movement, special and magical.
In particular, his ability to see poetry and mystery in small moments of everyday life can be very useful to dance.
It’s very important for me to enter into a poetic sphere both in the study of technique and in choreographic research. That requires attention and courage, but it is so beautiful.

Video Rajan Craveri
Music Yehekel Raz – Felt
Dance improvisation Serena Zanconato