April 29, 2023

Delicacy, second movement – video

Dance can help us to "inter-being"

A day outside our front door suddenly came a marvelous bird of prey trying to catch a small elegant white hen walking around the courtyard.
I still remember the Buzzard staring me in the eye, with a penetrating look, as if it could reach the center of my stomach, and at the same time its soft, delicate and fragile wings.
I experience what Tich Nhat Hanh said about inter-being. I felt like a raptor and a hen at the same time, I did not feel them divided, I suspended the judgment for a moment and I felt suspended in the current of being.

So I dedicate this little contemporary dance composition to the gentle hen and the majestic buzzard.

Video: Rajan Craveri
Choreography and dance: Serena Zanconato
Music: Music Yehekel Raz – Ten Lost Years
Trouser Osvaldo Montalbano