Everything changes

Everything changes, the perspective, the direction of gaze, the quality of gestures


A video born from our fascination for the beautiful song “Everything changes” by Rachel Sermanni.
Rachel Sermanni (original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEq-VbYzYls)
Voice: Alessandra Alienor Cella
Guitar: Micol Genesio
Dance: Serena Zanconato
Direction: Rajan Craveri
Music recording: Andrea Philip Viali
Dress for dance: Osvaldo Montalbano
Hairstyle for dance: Class, Salone di Bellezza
Location: Oratorio del Gesù
Thanks to: City of Avigliana, Hélène Monjarret, Franco Borrelli, Ivana Messina, Andrea Bindolini, Laura Nocita.